For the first time it would be good to arrive 10 minutes before the appointment. Our staff will take good care of you.

Oulu Floats offers 2 floating tanks. If they are both open for booking at simultaneous times, you can very well both come at the same time. 

We recommend to eat something small before floating. Coffee and caffeine should be avoided couple hours prior. We will serve coffee and tea right after your appointment! Our tanks use Epsom salt that could cause a sting if you've recently had hair removal procedures.

This is a very common question. Do not worry, the tank is spacious. The tank cover is light and you can leave it open if you so wish. You can also leave the lights on and listen to music for the whole duration of the floating. 

After the floating session, sterile salt water will be filtered through a cleaning system and water will be disinfected with UV rays. Water will be cleaned chemically every night.

We recommend to take off contact lenses for the duration of the floating. Take your contact lense case and liquid with you.

Yes you can. The main rule is that if you can go to the indoor swimming pool, you can come to float! However, we recommend to ask your doctor.

It's best for your hair and for the tank that your hair doesn't leave color when you come to float. We recommend 2 weeks from dying the hair.

Your tattoo should be fully healed before you float.

You don't have to bring anything! We've got you covered. We have towels, shampoos & soaps and cosmetic products for after the floating. We also have a hair brush and a hair dryer.

Getting used to a new state of mind and body will take its time but everyone will find their correct way of floating

Floating for two means two separate tanks for you and your friend. Two persons will not fit in one tank so unfortunately you will have to book two simultaneous appointments for this!

Kyllä! Lahjakortteja voi ostaa suoraan liikkeestämme tai verkkokaupasta.

Kellunta ei sovi kuukautisten aikana, joten ajoitathan kellunnan toiseen ajankohtaan.


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