Relaxation floating

The idea behind floating is to achieve a state of total relaxation. Rooms are soundproof and the floating tank has been designed to reduce external stimuli to a minimum. The tank's lights can be shut off by request. Water inside the tank is body temperature, and 400kg of Epsom salt is dissolved in the water to make floating extra relaxing and pressure free. You can let your body reach total relaxation by floating.

One floating appointment takes 90 minutes, and the actual floating takes about 60 minutes. We currently have 2 of the highest quality tanks available in the market. Our facilities have 2 Dreampod floating tanks, which are the highest quality tanks available currently.

After your floating session you can treat yourself with tea or coffee from Kofeiinikomppania or Foodin hot chocolate. 
Welcome to float!


Oulu Floats has 2 Dreampod floating tanks, which are highest quality tanks in the market and they have the best customer experience. 

Floating sessions start with calm and relaxing music that lead you into total relaxation. 

When the appointment is nearing the end, the music will wake you softly back to reality. 

After the floating session, sterile salt water will be filtered through a cleaning system and water will be disinfected with UV rays.


Rentoutuskellunta aivoille


- Deep relaxation
- Reduces stress
- Fights depression
- Improves focus
- Releases endorphins

Rentoutuskellunta keholle


- Decreases blood pressure
- Relieves joint pain and inflammation
- Boosts immune system
- Improves physical recovery

Rentoutuskellunta mielelle


- Increases train of thought
- Improves control of mind
- Supports deep sleep
- Helps with jet lag
- Improves stress control

Customer reviews

Aivan huippu kokemus. En olisi osannut odottaa, että aika tankissa kuluisi noin nopeasti ja yllätyin, miten helppoa rentoutuminen oli!

- Noora

Tämä tuli tarpeeseen! Nyt jaksaa taas paremmin. Ihana tauko kaikesta. Kiitos! 

- Anita

W-A-U! Aivan täydellinen rentoutumishetki.  Keho tuntui sulavan veteen ja mieli tyhjeni kaikesta hulinasta. Kiitos!

- Mika